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14K White Gold Bold Print with Heart Made

14K White Gold Bold Print with Heart Made
14K White Gold Bold Print with Heart Made 14K White Gold Bold Print with Heart Made 14K White Gold Bold Print with Heart Made
Product Code: 14K White Gold Bold Print with Heart Made
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Material 14K White Gold
Thickness 0.4mm / 0.02″
Chain Style 14K White Gold Box Chain
Chain Length 14", 16", 18"

If you are in search of a lovely piece of jewelry that will spice up your outfits and give you that drop dead gorgeous look, then this white gold name necklace is just the perfect accessory for you.

Upon placing an order, you will be required to indicate the name that you want on the necklace, making sure that it is spelt correctly. Make note that the pendant contains only one name and that only the first letter is in uppercasing, unless specified otherwise in the order. For this reason, the size of the pendant will vary accordingly, but the end product is high quality jewelry.
This 14K  white gold name necklace is a fine piece of work that effortlessly combines personal style and creates an authentic look for the person wearing it.

Depending on the client, the necklace can be made into double thickness to increase its durability. It is a classy piece of jewelry and complements a wide array of outfits.

This necklace can be used to accessorize any outfit and will make a great addition to your wardrobe. In case you are searching for a gift for someone special, don’t look further; this is the gift to give.Our products are shipped anywhere in the world, so go ahead and seize the opportunity to get a timeless piece of jewelry. It is also important to note that the necklace is delivered in a classy box to ensure that it reaches you in good condition.

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